Will My Dog Fit In The Tub?  The tubs are large, 5 feet long by 2 feet
deep and can accommodate most larger breeds, check out some of pictures in
the photo section.  

How Much Does It Cost?  The Self Serve Dog Wash is priced by the
dog's weight and type of coat, with
no time limit.  

Small Dogs - Up to 20 lbs            $12.00
Medium Dogs - Up to 65 lbs         15.00
Large & Double Coated                18.00

Examples of a double-coated dog are Huskies, Shepherds, Golden Retrievers.

Hours?  The Self Serve Dogwash is open:

Monday - Thursday        9 am until 8 pm
Friday, Sat, Sunday         9 am until 5 pm

No appointment is necessary for Self Serve.
Last self-serve bath, 30 minutes before close

Can you trim my dog's nails?  Absolutely.
No appointment necessary, just stop in during regular hours.  
Nail trim is discounted with a self-serve purchase.

If Your Dog Has Been Skunked-
We do not offer professional deskunking, however the best
remedy we are aware of is below.  It works best when applied
as soon as possible, and used on a DRY Dog, do not wash or
shampoo first.  All ingredients should be available at most any
drugstore for under $10.  Please use this remedy before
coming to the store if you would like to use the self serve wash.

Home Remedy - 1 quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, 1/2 cup Baking Soda, 1
teaspoon Dawn dish soap (must be Dawn). Mix in a bucket and use immediately
on DRY dog and let soak up to 30 minutes, do not get into the eyes, rinse well,
shampoo and condition. Do not store the solution or put into a closed bottle, and it
will be fizzy. Do not save leftover solution.

At Diggitty Dogs! we understand your busy lifestyle and want to
help you take care of your pet's grooming needs at a reasonable

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(Near State) N. Royalton
Self Serve Bathing for your Dog